What is C.O.R.E?

The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) Program is British Columbia's Hunter Education Program. It is also a great program for anyone interested in outdoor recreation. The CORE Program consists of a practical firearms handling test, and a written examination on all of the following subjects:

Conservation Ethics

Law and Regulations

First Aid and Survival

Firearm Safety

Animal Identification

Bird Identification

The CORE Manual and the Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis are the resource manuals used to learn these subjects.
BC Residents who are 14 years of age or older and who wish to obtain a hunting licence are required to complete the CORE Program.

The goal of the CORE Program is to ensure that prospective hunters meet acceptable standards of knowledge and skill for safe and ethical participation in hunting recreation.
Individuals who have completed a hunter education program from another state or province in North America are exempt from the requirement to complete the CORE Program. Contact the Government Agent at BC Access Centres for more details on program exemption.

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